Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chrome Is Where The Heart Is

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"The gleam of chrome is as irresistible to a man as the word "sale" is to a woman." ~ Unknown
The chrome trim around the lights of Nyssa's Honda Civic is not as clean and gleaming as it should be. There isn't much point in washing the car, it is supposed to rain and the parking lot at W&M is gravel, lots and lots of dust. One drive through the lot and a layer of white dust will again adhere to everything. Besides, it's 30 degrees out and a north wind; not fit for man nor beast and definitely not for washing cars. So this is as shiny as it gets right now.

This quote started me thinking. I've seen car shows with the impeccably clean, shiny new cars; chrome gleaming in the bright lights of the convention hall. Why do they usually have beautiful women, sometimes dressed in swimsuits or evening gowns, to show the cars? Of all the places or events in the entire world, a car show would be the one place a man would spend less time looking at the pretty girls and more time ogling over the cars. So, why bother?

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