Friday, March 10, 2006


Red blooms the bush across the garden fence.
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"Red is charged with emotion and promise. Red speaks for heroism and bravery, honesty and patriotism. Red is also the red badge of courage, redcoats, the thin red line, red sails in the sunset, and a jolly red nose. My love may be like a red red rose, my sins, as well as my politics, may be red. Red is also red tape, red ink, red wine, red lips, red blood, red earth, red barons, red barns, red hearts, red thoughts and red herrings. Red means anger, fire, storms of the heart, love and war. Even women can be scarlet. More than any other color, red is loaded for action." ~ Robert Genn (Canadian artist, born 1936)
"A thimbleful of red is redder than a bucketful." ~ Henri Matisse (Artist, 1869 - 1954)
Red is also a blacksmith's fire hot, embarrassment's face, anger's eyes, a cold nose, chapped hands, proud country necks, pretty valentines and our life's blood. Red was once the color of my father's hair.

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