Saturday, March 25, 2006

March 21st: Spring???

Tuesday, March 21st. This is the first full day of spring?
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"Master the night nor serve the snowman's brain
That shapes each bushy item of the air
Into a polestar pointed on an icicle."
~ Dylan Thomas (1914-1953), Welsh poet. "Foster the light."
Tuesday was the first full day of spring; so of course it turned cold. The weather reports predicted a few flakes of snow after midnight here in Virginia Beach but we had only light showers with perhaps a flake or two. Forty-five minutes north and west in Williamsburg, it was a different story. They had snow and from the looks of it quite a bit, for this time of year. So what do college girls do in the middle of the night when it snows? Stupid mom question, I know. They go out in their pjs, galoshes and sweat shirts and build snowmen. Poor thing, he's a bit scraggly with pine needle hair? He might need to look into a hair transplant. It looks like pinecone eyes and stick arms but it seems he is handsome enough to "plant a big one on." (Mom sigh!) Well, if I had to chose between the frog and the snowman, hmm.. that's hard. You can come up for air any time now, Nyssa. Watch out for "yellow snow."

Nyssa plants a big one on Mr. Snowman.


by Gu Cheng
Translated by Joseph R. Allen

I built a snowman
At your front door
To stand in my stead, waiting there
In all its stupidity

Then you buried your lollipop
Deep into its snowy heart
Saying this little sweetness
Would perk it up

The snowman did not smile
Did not make a sound
And then the bright spring sun
Melted him away...

Where is he now?
Where is that candied heart?
A bee buzzes
Beside the small puddle of tears
The kiss was too much for the poor little snowman, he lost his head. No, really, he literally lost his head. At least he felt the warmth of a kiss, although that might have loosened the connection between his head and his torso and caused his decapitation, but nevermind. What is it they say, "tis better to have loved and melted than to never have loved at all?"

"Alas, poor snowman, I loved him well!"

(Disclaimer: I did not take these pictures. You wouldn't find me outside in freezing wet snow in pjs at midnight. I don't want to know who took these. Denial, it's a "mom" thing. And don't call me when that stuffy nose sets in.)

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