Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Identity Past

Long ago and far away. Posted by Picasa
"Never envy a person unless you are willing to swap identities with them" ~ Unknown
"A man's work is his dilemma: his job is his bondage, but it also gives him a fair share of his identity and keeps him from being a bystander in somebody else's world." ~ Melvin Maddocks
In a previous life this was my vanity plate in Mississippi. It was great fun, easy to remember, personal; that is until I finally realized how small the town was. The day someone came up and said they had seen my car at Walmart, that was the day I changed to the nondescript standard issue. This plate was retired. The car belongs to someone else now and life in Mississippi as I knew it is long gone. I remember the good days there, the good people I met and will forget the rest; But I won't ever live there again.

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