Friday, March 17, 2006

Face of an Angel? Think Again!

Mr. Rhett: Angel face? Do not be deceived.
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"A tree that can fill the span of a man's arms grows from a downy tip;
A terrace nine stories high rises from hodfuls of earth;
A journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath one's feet." ~ Lao-Tzu
Doesn't he look like an angel? Obedient, loving, laid back, a big baby... never in trouble. Right! I thought so too and then he pulls a fast one. (Continued)

Last Friday night it was colder and Max (the dog) wanted to spend the night inside. Max has to potty, gather his basketball and get ready to come in. I left the door open a little and didn't pay any attention. The cats were already in their sleeping sites and Max came in with his usual flurry and finally got settled. I shut the outside door and the door to the house and went to bed after opening my window a little.

Now, my room is at the far end of the house, opposite that of the sunroom. At 2 AM I heard "meowing". It didn't sound like the deep singing voice of Clover and no one else ever "sings" at night. But there it was again, "Meow, Meow." It seemed to be getting closer, just outside my window. I've never seen any stray cats in the area. Then it was louder. This "meow" sounds familiar. Could it be?

OK, let's go count cats. Trying not to wake everyone up, I stumble through the house in the dark to the sunroom. Lights on. Let's see. One, two, three, four, five..five.. Yes, one is missing. Mr. Rhett. And there he is outside. I open the door and he shoots back in, eyes wide, breathing hard, cold little paws. So there is another of his "nine lives" down the drain.

Beneath the facade, a sneaky devil at heart!

Rhett will be "slipping out" and over to Friday's Ark and to visit at Carnival of the Cats, this week hosted by Kimberly at Music and Cats. It's the second anniversary! See you there. (end of post)

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