Sunday, March 26, 2006

Into The Unknown

Off we go into the wild blue yonder!
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"When you come to the end of everything you know
And are faced with the darkness of the UNKNOWN,
Faith is knowing one of two things will happen.
Either there will be something solid for you to stand on,
Or you will be taught how to fly."
~ Unknown
Every sunrise leads to a new day of the UNKNOWN. Unknown opportunities, obstacles, happiness, sorrows, difficulties, satisfactions; the list can go on forever. We may think our day is planned and we know what will happen and what we will be doing; but the UNKNOWN is there lurking, waiting to pop in unexpectedly. God has no UNKNOWN and He holds my hand so if I step out and there isn't something solid to stand on, it's OK. I've always wanted to learn how to fly!

Submission for Moody Monday topic "unknown". (end of post)

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