Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hands of Time

Hands (Macro) (Click picture for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"You don't have to be a big shot to be important - the hairspring is just as valuable to a watch as the mainspring." ~ Unknown
MacroDay's topic for this week is "hands". I bite my fingers, not the nails just the cuticles, so a macro shot of my hands would be more appropriate for the topic, "injury" or "disaster". Nyssa's hands aren't here to photograph and are busy plunking out a term paper on the work of a writer (in her own words) "who has the dirtiest mind" she's ever read, at least in early British literature. Mom's hands would be great; wise, showing the wrinkles of time and sadly, the deformity of arthritis, but she's already gone to bed for the evening. Dad's asleep in the chair in the den. All the other available "hands" are paws so I've taken another approach.

The "hands" of a watch mark the time of day or night. These "hands", are "hands", Minnie Mouse hands to be exact and the watch brings back memories of a little seven year old girl who road Splash Mountain as many times as she could, keeping her eyes open on that last drop into the Briar Patch when her mom couldn't and taking the cold splash of water over and over. It needs a new battery; it needs a new band and the case is scratched but the memories are as clear as ever.

Submission for MacroDay topic "hands". (end of post)

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