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Part 2: To Being "The Little Mermaid"

Miss Priss & Ariel: March 2, 2002 Posted by Picasa
"Up where they walk,
Up where they run,
Up where they stay all day in the sun
Wanderin' free,
Wish I could be,
Part of that world...
(Fast forward twelve years)
Miss M graduated from high school when Nyssa was four. That summer she came to work at our lab as a medical transcriptionist (and is still there), married way too young and settled in as part of our lives. We saw her through a bad marriage, sad divorce and watched her come to her own as a self-sufficient woman. She met her "prince", married him and in 1999, along came Miss Priss. Miss Priss is her momma personified, blonde Southern Belle and too smart for her own good at times. (The Frog) I became "Aunt Roxanne" and Nyssa was both babysitter at times and playmate. This gave Buster a much needed break from "dress-up" time.

As all little girls must, Miss Priss developed a deep love for all things connected to the Disney Princesses: Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White and Belle. And by the time Miss Priss was to turn three, she was most enchanted by all things Ariel . (Does this remind you of anyone?) Miss M planned her party around "The Little Mermaid" theme. March is still quite cool in Mississippi so the church fellowship room came into play. Miss M knew that three year olds are restless, so in one corner there was a set of big plastic bowling pins and a ball; in another was a small empty wading pool with fishing poles and prizes and in another was the little train track and ride. (Part 2 continues)

I pulled out those decorative characters and the iridescent streamers and we turned the room into another Under the Sea wonderland for another generation of little girls. (and a few boys) The cake had Ariel on the top and ice cream went into each little tummy. But.....

The highlight of the day was to be the much advertised visit by Ariel. We carefully hid the mermaid costume, the very red wig, the tiara and Flounder. Nyssa made an appearance at the party and then ducked into a backroom to undergo her metamorphosis to Ariel. When Ariel walked in the back door, Miss Priss's eyes lit up. After the first shy moment, she took Ariel's hand and showed her all the play areas at her party. Like the well mannered Southern child, she offered refreshments and sat with her guest. Miss M had a set up for pictures and all the little children posed for flashing bulbs and videos with "The Little Mermaid". After a suitable time, Ariel told Miss Priss that she had to get back to the ocean and asked her to take care of Flounder for her. Then after a kiss from Miss Priss, she slipped out the door and back into reality as Nyssa.

Wasn't it obvious to Miss Priss that this was her friend Nyssa dressed up as Ariel? I think she might have known, but the magic of believing for the moment that Ariel came to her party was stronger than the "need to know". Miss Priss was happy. Her mom Miss M was happy. Ariel was a hit.

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