Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cat's Tummy on Tuesday

Miss Willow sleeps soundly in her grandmother's chair.
Meow of Myself, from Leaves of Catnip

I situate myself, and seat myself,
And where you recline I shall recline,
For every armchair belonging to you as good as belongs to me.

I loaf and curl up my tail,
I yawn and loaf at my ease after rolling in the catnip patch.

~ Walt Whitman's Cat
Cats often sleep all day, perhaps up to eighteen hours out of every twenty-four so finding a comfortable place to curl up or stretch out is of prime importance. Lady Willow finds her place in this recliner/lift chair quite often. It belongs to her grandmother but if she isn't sitting there, Willow will take it as her own. As you can see, she almost fills the whole seat on her own; no room for any sleeping buddies here.

Willow shows her fluffy furry tummy. Still asleep.

Of all the cats, she sleeps the most soundly. I walked around and took pictures from all angles and she didn't move a paw or twitch a whisker or open an eye. Willow sleeps with her back legs off the chair and her tummy turned up. I don't even sleep that soundly at night; even small noises will wake me.

Who would not love to sleep like this? Posted by Picasa

Willow is my sweet girl, my big fluffy gumdrop who plods along through the house at her own slow pace. She is a widebody, doesn't really like to go through the cat door in the kitchen and will stand and wait patiently for someone to open it. She plays with her pipe cleaners and catnip bag but her primary goal in life is to be comfortable; preferably comfortable and asleep. Shhhhh! Sleep, Willow, sleep. Sweet dreams.

Willow's in deep sleep, but this gives everyone a chance to see her expansive tummy. So she will probably sleep her way through Cats on Tuesday, hosted by gattina as well as Tummy Tuesday over at catstuff. Have a restful day yourself!
Oh, yes! On Friday, Willow will board Friday's Ark hosted by the Modulator and on Sunday, she hopes to win a stuffed animal at the Carnival of the Cats. This week the carnival is going to be at the very home page where it was created almost three years ago....The Carnival of the Cats Home Page. See you!
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