Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Miss Scarlett IS Hyper!

Look! A little tiny kitty. I think it is a toy.
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"A cat is a very special friend who comes into your life. When it comes it brings warmth, companionship, contentment and love. Whether it's long-haired, short-haired, pedigreed or "heinz" makes no difference." ~ Sharon Lundblad
Well, we got the results back on Miss Scarlett's thyroid suppression test. They were abnormal. It turns out that her base level T4 was elevated this time and her post suppression level did not go down. So she is hyperthyroid. We started her on Tapazole in a daily dose of 0.25 cc. It is an emulsion liquid, given orally with a syringe.

It smells like catnip. Yummy!

Do you remember when you or your children were small and antibiotics were prescribed as liquid emulsions with flavoring such as cherry or grape or even bubble gum were added? This Tapazole is similar, except that the flavoring is tuna. Unfortunately, Miss Scarlett is not fond of tuna; beef is more to her liking. She threw up right after the first two doses. On the third day I fed her a small amount of the a/d (anorexic) prescription food with a syringe then gave her the tiny dose of medication and two more syringes of food. Then we sat quietly together for about half an hour, Scarlett all swaddled in a soft towel. She kept the medication down and even ate additional food (Mixed Grill Feast) on her own.

That was nice, but now I'm tired. Time to rest in the sun.

Her vet wanted to wait a couple of weeks to take out her bladder stone but I am not sure we can. Unless I start to see some weight gain we will need to do it earlier. I did feed her a couple more syringes of the a/d food before bedtime but I don't think any real improvement will be coming until the stone is out. Will keep you up to date on her progress and thank you for all your good wishes. Scarlett still has such a sweet attitude, well except for the syringe feedings and meds.

Miss Scarlett is sleeping right now, her little cat toy next to her and snuggled warm on a fleece throw. She won't mind that I've sent her pictures over to Cats on Tuesday, hosted by gattina.
Update (3/22): She has kept her medicine down every day since Saturday. She eats pretty good on her own but I still feed her with the syringe before the medication and before bedtime. She has her growl back... since she hates the syringe, she growls and squirms... but as yet I can't tell if any weight is going on. We will check with her vet about the stone removal this week.

Scarlett loves to see the kitties on the screen when we visit Friday's Ark and the Carnival of the Cats. The carnival is hosted this week by Scribblings.

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