Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Moody Mockingbird

Mimus polyglottos: This one is not a happy camper!
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"Then from the neighboring thicket the mockingbird, wildest of singers,
Swinging aloft on a willow spray that hung o'er the water.
Shook from his little throat such floods of delirious music,
That the whole air and the woods and the waves seemed silent to listen."
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "Evangeline"
The birds never really leave Virginia Beach for the winter; in fact most become more active as it gets colder. A couple of years ago, Vicki sent me a net bird feeder to hang in the bush outside my bedroom window and thus, a tradition was born. Of course the birds eventually pecked huge holes in the netting and two new metal feeders took its place; one for sunflower and other bird feeds and one for thistle. We have a parade of chickadee, finch and wren along with mourning dove picking up dropped pieces on the ground. This year the cardinal found us as have the starling and an occasional mockingbird. Mornings are prime birdwatching for the cats and myself; mockingbirds are among the most active, swooping down to the fence and flitting between the trees and the roof of the shed, with stops on the fenceposts and the dog house. I hid behind the pine tree and waited. Soon I had several shots of these comical creatures; handheld shots using my birthday present (70 - 300mm IS Zoom Lens). This is one of my favorites. It reminded me of the now famous photograph, The Mad Bluebird. Don't you agree?

Submission for Tuesday Challenge topic "zoom". I wonder if this grumpy fellow would feel more comfortable over at Friday's Ark? There are sure to be other birds there.
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