Friday, March 02, 2007

Who Belongs To This Tail?

Someone thinks he is hidden.
"Cats only assume their strangest, most intriguing and most beautiful postures when it is impossible to photograph them. Cat calendars always disappoint for they only show the public range of cat positions." ~ J. R. Coulson
This looks like a tail attached to a behind but who is it? The drapes extend to the floor, making this a perfect place to hide. Someone should tell him that he isn't completely hidden until his hinder parts are under the curtain. My, my these sheers make a great place to quietly observe all the comings and goings of the other cats, as well as the humans. Oh, now I can tell.....
It's Nicky... I'd know that head anywhere! Posted by Picasa

Yes, when Nicky doesn't want to be found, he hides behind the curtains. Here he can watch Miss Maggie, without being as obvious. Maybe she won't hiss at him and hurt his feelings, or more likely he is hiding because she already hurt his feelings. The only problem? He is just TOO big for that space.

Nick you can't keep hiding and still board the Friday's Ark, hosted each week by The Modulator. And how will all the cats at the Carnival of the Cats see your lovely face if you keep it hidden under there. The carnival is hosted by Tacjammer this week. (end of post)

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