Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Miss Scarlett Takes Center Stage

Miss Scarlett brings a gift to the kitchen for her grandma.
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There Is No Cat-toy LIke a Mouse

There is no Cat-toy like a Mouse
To please me at my Play
Nor any Yarn-ball like a Bug
That strains to fly away --

No rubber Bauble can delight
No lifeless String divert --
For where is Fun if none feels Fright
Or Joy if nothing's hurt?

by Emily Dickinson's Cat
from "Poetry for Cats" by Henry Beard
After the kitties over at Manx Mnews asked about Miss Scarlett, I decided to make her my focus for Cats on Tuesday. Miss Scarlett has just today finished her thyroid suppression test. She had her baseline sample drawn on Saturday and then had to swallow seven equally spaced doses of the suppressing agent over Sunday and Monday; I gave her the last dose this morning and then three hours later she had her post-suppression level drawn.

This is her pink one with brown polka dots.

We should hear the results in two or three days and then know for sure if Scarlett has a hyperactive thyroid or not. If not, then it will be safe for her to have her bladder stone removed as soon as possible. Since finding out about the stone I have watched her and she does find it difficult to sit or sleep comfortably for any length of time. I hope we can reverse this weight loss.

It's a wonderful day for birdwatching!

Through her trials and tribulation, Miss Scarlett keeps her proud spirit. She still brings gifts of small spongy balls to those she loves, meowing loudly to let everyone know that she is on her way. She still purrs when you look at her, even at the vet. (He has to run water to get her to stop) And of course she still loves to engage in that spring tradition... birdwatching, with all the muscle twitching it involves. And exactly what is the object of her intense scrutiny?

Hello! Mr. Chickadee!! Meow!!! Posted by Picasa

Why! A very active and very noisy chickadee.

Miss Scarlett is occupied at the present moment and probably won't notice that I've sent her pictures over to Cats on Tuesday, hosted by gattina We will keep you informed about her health and hopefully we'll have good news.

Update (3/16/07): The lab report should be back sometime today and hopefully we can schedule her surgery for next week. She is so thin, but still purring up a storm and loving all the extra food and attention she is receiving. Of course she likes the fact that those three pills a day are no longer a part of her routine... so do I.
Scarlett still wanted to visit Friday's Ark hosted by the Modulator and play with the other kitties on Sunday when the Carnival of the Cats comes around again. The carnival is hosted this week by Pets Garden Blog. She wanted me to say thank you for all the well wishes! (end of post)
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