Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Royalty In Silhouette

Lady Willow in silhouette. Posted by Picasa
"Which is more beautiful, feline movement or feline stillness?"
~ Elizabeth Hamilton
As the weather warms, birdwatching becomes a significant part each cat's day. The crew takes turns. OK, so on occasion one of the wide bodied Ragdolls will jump up on the chest, knocking someone else off. Afternoon sun streams in the window providing a well lit feeding station for their study from the relative darkness of the room. This makes for interesting photos at times. Here, Lady Willow has been watching the finch flit from branch to thistle feeder and back. A group of three goldfinch showed up and served up a drama of fluttering wings, high pitched chirpings and round robin pecking as each tried to drive the others away. All of this commotion sends Willow's tail into overdrive with twitching and flicking; her head and eyes barely able to keep up with the pace, darting back and forth. Exhaustion made her pause and stare at the soft chenille robe on my bed, contemplating a quick nap and for an instant she sat in complete stillness; just long enough for me to snap her in silhouette. In profile she rather looks like a lion with her mane of long hair around her neck and that regal nose. Royalty, thy name is "cat".

Submission for Tuesday Challenge topic "silhouette". (end of post)

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