Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Harbinger of Spring

Mr. Robin comes to visit.
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Spring Is Coming

March has warmed the icy blasts,
And the wintertime is past.
Now we hear the robins sing-
Happy harbingers of spring.
Little buds will wake from sleep,
From the ground their faces peep.
Do you know why all the fun?
Spring is coming on the run.

~ Dorothy Hevener
In some areas the robin is the last bird to leave in the fall and the first to arrive in spring. Here the robins are at home all year, but in spring their numbers are amazing. The other evening my mom and I saw a flock of almost fifty robins on a freshly mowed lawn. All were doing the robin dance... hop..hop..hop... tilt the head.... stab the ground... swallow the worm. Today this fellow showed up in the flower bed after I had pulled all the weeds and raked the topsoil. I did all the work; he reaped the reward. I didn't mind, how could you when the air is alive with a symphony of songs. It really is Spring.

I almost used the crocus entry for Thurday's Challenge as well. But decided this would be another colorful take on "spring". (end of post)

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