Thursday, March 01, 2007

Every Exit, An Entrance

Dorm entrance and passageway.
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"Every exit is an entrance to somewhere else." ~ Tom Stoppard
I love to walk the campus at William and Mary; the history is palpable. Thomas Jefferson walked here, so too did George Washington and many others. This is an arched passageway between two dorms with the door to one at the far end. Several of the older dorms are joined in this manner; beautiful and practical at the same time... who wants to walk in the rain?

By the way, Nyssa was again selected to be a residence assistant for the next school year. While she won't be in the same dorm, she'll still be in the new dorm complex. Very, very exciting! Senior year! I still can't quite believe it; it seems like I took her to kindergarten for the first time, just yesterday! In one more year, she will make that long walk through the Wren building, exiting through the arched doorway and symbolically, into the wide world of life; her exit marking another entrance.

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