Thursday, April 13, 2006

Max: "Thank you & Happy Easter!"

Bandana of courage from the "grooming spa." Posted by Picasa
"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened" ~ Anatole France
Max has made it two months since diagnosis and has just has his third Cytoxan pill. I know he is cute when in his curly, hairy state but it is getting warmer and he had sap and dirt on his coat. It was also hard to evaluate his skin nodules, so... last week Max made a trip to the grooming spa. Under the supervision of his vet, he took a little nap and woke up clean shaven, nails trimmed, bathed and smelling sweet.
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His large nodules are gone, reduced to only pinpoint areas with almost a scab-like covering. He hasn't lost any weight and eats anything put in front of him. His white count went lower than they wanted last time out so he had to have antibiotic for a week but you would never know to look at him that he is anything but healthy. He still has his football fetish and is totally spoiled. Until this last warm spell, with night temperatures only in the low 60's or upper 50's, he has spent nights in the sunroom with the cats. He is even getting used to riding in the car.

On our way to the grooming, there was an electrician's van in front of us; windows in the back with wire screens. I thought it looked a lot like the old dog catcher trucks in Mississippi. Max must have thought so too. He sat up, tensed, hair stood up and started growling louder and louder. I was going to pat his head but the look on his usually sunny face made me think twice. Finally, I just turned off and took a different route and he settled down. Hmmmm.. I think there must have been an incident with a dog catcher somewhere in his unknown past. He settled back down and nuzzled up under my hand for his head scritches.

Now he is still in his shy stage after the grooming, I suppose he feels a bit "nekkid". But Max seemed quite proud of his Easter Egg bandana. I told him he was most dapper with it on and that he quite outshines the cats in his attire. OK, so he is still obsessed with his basketball as well.

So Max will be visiting Friday's Ark with his good report and also his friends at the Carnival of the Dogs, hosted by Mickey's Musings. They have been so supportive and he really appreciates their warm wishes as do Nyssa and I. Thank you.
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