Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Neverending Spring

Daffodil. (Macro) (Click picture for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"Fair daffodils, we weep to see
You haste away so soon:
As yet the early-rising sun
Has not attained his noon."
~ Robert Herrick (1591-1674), British poet.
The daffodils are almost spent. I don't think Spring lasts long enough to enjoy all the beauty. So this year I picked the daffodils, but not for a bouquet. They are captured in my camera and now; in the heat of Summer, in the crisp mornings of Fall and in the cold howling winds of Winter, I will have a neverending Spring. So don't be surprised if other daffodils show up here throughout the year.

Submission for Tuesday's Photos topic "flower". (end of post)

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