Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pale Blue-eyed Grass

Wildflowers grow among the daffodils. (Click pictures for larger view)

"Blue-eyed grass in the meadow,
A linnet's nest near by,
Blackbirds caroling clearly
Somewhere between earth & sky."
~ Mary Austin(1868-1934)
A clump of wildflowers grows around the base of the crepe myrtle bush in our front yard. I have searched the library for information about these pale blue flowers with thin grass like leaves. Finally, a name; Sisyrinchium sp., also known as "blue-eyed grass". This may represent the "white" or "pale" version. Hopefully these will continue to spread as the delicate blue blooms are a nice addition to the yellow of the daffodils. Do they have a fragrance? The bees seem to love them but with my sinuses, who knows.

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