Thursday, October 12, 2006

King Of The Household Jungle

Mr. Rhett: The lion roars. (or squeaks)
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"We tie bright ribbons around their necks, and occasionally little tinkling bells, and we affect to think that they are as sweet and vapid as the coy name "kitty" by which we call them would imply. It is a curious illusion. For purring beside our fireplaces and pattering along our back fences, we have got a wild beast as uncowed and uncorrupted as any under heaven." ~ Alan Devoe
Mr. Rhett, showing off his "king of the jungle" look, is just a mild mannered fellow at heart. His "meows" are more like "ows" or even silent; but he speaks volumes with his eyes. He is, however, a busy body. When a spat arises between the other cats, Rhett is the first to jump into the fray and get off his two cents worth; this usually involves a couple of right crosses. All this done with a body posture that screams "retreat, retreat"! Ok, Rhett, we won't tell Sophie. I know you want to keep up your "strong silent type" persona for her.

Mr. Rhett will be boarding Friday's Ark and nose on over to the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday as well. The carnival is hosted this week by The House of the (Mostly) Black Cats. (end of post)

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