Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Un-usual Suspects

The Un-usual Suspects: #1 - Lewis; #2 - Jerry; #3 - John; #4 - Loren
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"When brothers agree, no fortress is so strong as their common life." ~ Antisthenes (Greek philosopher of Athens, 445-365 BC)
On Friday the 13th, I drove my parents to Flora, Illinois for a 50th wedding anniversary party. This is the third in my dad's family. My mom and dad were married in 1951, celebrating 55 years together this year. In June we made the trip for Uncle Jerry and Aunt Orpha's 50th and last weekend we celebrated Uncle John and Aunt Laura Beth's 50th. Next May will be Uncle Lewis and Aunt Jean's 50th.

These four boys grew up on the family farm. Two became farmers and masterful mechanics. One became an engineer and the other, a minister. It had been six years since all four had been together and we didn't get a picture of them in June; so my aunt wanted a picture. They're men. That in itself explains almost anything they do. They are more comfortable discussing childhood escapades and telling stories of stream cooled watermelon breaks on hot summer days; or how many acres of soy beans or corn they had planted, than they are posing for a portrait.

Let's face it. There is nothing "natural" looking about this group pose. I can imagine they had this same look when Grandma lined them up on Sunday to check their clothes and make sure they were clean behind the ears before going down the road to church. As the cameras flashed from all sides, the thought struck me, "Hey! They really look like they are suspects in a police lineup!" This made me giggle and an idea popped into my head. Maybe it's not dignified and perhaps no one else saw the humor in it but........ I just couldn't help it!

The Un-usual Suspects in profile.

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