Tuesday, November 15, 2005

First Chores

Nyssa makes her bed for the first time. (1989)
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"Every time a child organizes and completes a chore, spends some time alone without feeling lonely, loses herself in play for an hour, or refuses to go along with her peers in some activity she feels is wrong, she will be building meaning and a sense of worth for herself and harmony in her family." ~ Barbara Coloroso: from 'Kids Are Worth It', (1994).
When we moved to Mississippi in 1989, Nyssa was three. We sold her crib and changing table/chest right before moving and she transitioned from the youth bed configuration of her crib to a twin sized bed. She didn't have "furniture" then, just a metal bed frame, box springs and mattress. Her chest was an inexpensive lingerie chest we bought in Oklahoma two days before leaving. In fact, the store delivered it the day the moving van was there. The chest never saw the inside of the Oklahoma house as it went straight from one truck to the moving van.

I took this picture the first day Nyssa made her bed all on her own. She was three and so very pleased with herself. Don't you wish this delight in a small chore would last longer than a few years? Oh, she is still very good about making the bed when she's home but at school? In that dorm room? I know why she didn't want me to go up to her room this past weekend. So, Nyssa, if you read this; try to find just a little time to make your bed and clean your room! Love you! Mom.

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