Thursday, November 17, 2005


Overnight my counter officially passed 20,000!!! Someone from Paraguay who came through Thursday Challenge was #20,000. The little lady stalker from Austria was #20,001. It looks like AC at Sonnets of the Hermit was #20,002 and takes the prize for being my closest "reader and commenter" to that 20,000 mark.

Occasionally I look at some of the search terms that lead to this site. Fortunately, (so far, knock on wood) there haven't been any really strange combination of search words to lead here. The most common search words in the last month have been "Potica Bread recipe." This is very heart warming as it is the ONLY recipe I do well.

Thank you to all who visit. I don't usually bite, comments are welcome, if only to say hi. Have a great day.

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