Sunday, May 21, 2006

Garden Green

Soleirolia soleirolii (Baby's Tears, Angel's Tears)
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"A garden is the mirror of a mind. It is a place of life, a mystery of green moving to the pulse of the year, and pressing on and pausing the whole to its own inherent rhythms." ~ Henry Beston 1935, Herbs and the Earth
I spent the afternoon in a garden by the bay. Although people were milling around the patio, talking and laughing, I felt as if I were alone; meandering through the flowerbeds along the slate paths to hidden spots. Here a small bench; a tree swing in another. Colors of the rainbow dot the landscape in flowers of all sizes and shapes; their canvas a background of green in the grass, ferns, vines, trees, and ivy. In this world I felt serene, comforted, cool; happy in my solitude. A good day.

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