Monday, May 29, 2006

One Cat Leads........ To Another

Another day, another birdwatching session. (Clover & Rhett)
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"One cat just leads to another." ~ Ernest Hemingway
And another and another. Of course, if one cat is watching birds then another will want to watch them as well, and so on and so on until the perch is full. Four cats fit on top of this cedar chest if they sit still and refrain from irritating each other by swishing tails in faces and stepping on each other's paws. This only applies to the Siamese however. If the "widebodies" get in on the sightseeing, room for two is the limit. As you can see below, they tend to "spread".

Nicky & Willow, the "widebodies" have their turn.

Submission for Moody Monday topic "another".
The birdwatchers will be casting off on Friday's Ark and may land on the Monday version of the Carnival of the Cats, hosted by Tacjammer this week. (end of post)

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