Monday, May 22, 2006

On The Big Island

Orchid (Click picture for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"When speech comes from a quiet heart, it has the strength of the orchid, and the fragrance of rock." ~ Stephen Mitchell, Four Watercolors by Tao-chi
Nyssa arrived safely in the land of exotic flowers after a very long day of traveling. She called at 2:30 AM our time and let me know she had arrived. No more phone calls today, so there must not have been any major disasters with the duffel bag or finding the girls to share a room for the first night. Tonight it's Margo's Corner and then west to check out the Mauna Loa flows. This is a Geology trip after all. Sleeping on the ground or in a tent. Cooking out of doors, stews most days. No baths, for ten days. She will have the time of her life. I love camping, or rather I did. My idea of Hawaii is resort comfort with a digital camera and an endless ability to recharge the battery.

After hanging up, I thought of several questions I should have asked, but didn't. I never have functioned that well in the middle of the night. Do they meet passengers from the mainland with leis or is this just a misconception perpetuated by Hollywood movies? Do any of the highest points get cold enough to have snowcaps? Do the orchids grow wild there? How's the weather? How much does it rain? I guess I'll have to wait a week for answers. Well, except for the last two. I checked the local weather on the big island.... this morning, drizzle.

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