Friday, May 19, 2006

I Sleep..... I Wake......

Nicky loves to sleep on his back. (Click picture for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"I sleep...
I wake.....
How wide
The bed with none beside."
~ Kaga no Chiyo
I have come to realize that in 80% of my cat photos, the subjects are either going to sleep, asleep, pretending to sleep or just waking up. In another 15%, the cats are staring at the camera, staring off at invisible objects, contemplating or carefully striking a pose. Only rarely are they caught in action; action for our cats is either nonexistent or short spurts of furious romping, galloping, spinning, jumping or falling that as yet haven't been caught on film. Hopefully some day these bits of hysteria will coincide with a ready camera and a fast trigger finger. Until then, Nicky will entertain daily with his contortion act on his favorite stage.... Mom's bed. Here he really was trying to blend in with his background, hoping I would go away and leave him in peace.

Nicky will be visiting Friday's Ark today and the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday. This week the Carnival is hosted by IMAO. See you there! (end of post)

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