Friday, August 25, 2006

In The Gazebo

Circle mosaic in dome of gazebo. Prospect Park. Brooklyn, NY.
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"Circle are praised, not that abound
In largeness, but the exactly round."
~ Edmund Waller, Long and Short Life
The summer afternoon was hot when Nyssa and I finished our long walk through Prospect Park in Brooklyn. That first day we forgot to take water, novices that we were; so the cold drink stand on the corner was a welcomed sight. One advantage of being the parent of a college student? You can send them to stand in line and procure the drinks while you find a place; any place to sit, get off the feet and out of the sun. I slipped into a shaded stone gazebo nestled into the edge of the park. Trees surrounded it on three sides and a concrete slab bench curved around the wall. The bench was hard, but felt like heaven after three hours of exploring. It echoed. I looked up and there, ten feet above my head was this dome. Rings of gray stone, some with a tinge of yellow and this central circle of tiles, subtle shades of green. Together a circle mosaic. Cool. Comforting. A place to rest.

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