Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Trip To The Beautician...

The before and after of it all.
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"Tresses, that wear
Jewels, but to declare
How much themselves more precious are."
~ Richard Crashaw
Nyssa has the kind of hair many women would kill for. She didn't get it from her dad and certainly not from me. I think a fairy came by and dusted her head when she was little. If she wants to wear it straight, it will respond to a flatiron like magic and stay straight. If she wants it curly, she simply towel dries, applies a little mousse and the curls hang in ringlets. It is the loose curl I always tried to get with those "body wave" perms and ended up with the "dome of frizzy" on top.

Nyssa's hair had not seen a stylist since Christmas. After her summer excursions to Hawaii, Mississippi, summer school and New York, she decided it was long enough to cut. Her idea was to cut enough to send to Locks of Love; three hours later she held a ponytail about 12 inches long in her hands and sported a new shorter hairdo. It actually comes almost to her shoulders when straightened and is sleek and lovely that way. She prefers the "no work" curls; pulls up a pony tail on top of her head with the shorter strands hanging down around her neck... looks like a little Flinstones "Pebbles".

Locks of Love takes the donated hair and weaves wigs for children and teenagers who are fighting cancer and other diseases that result in hair loss; a wonderful charity!

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