Friday, August 04, 2006

Lost In Private Worlds

Lost in a private world.
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"So much of what we do and see and think is through our private and individual filter of perception." ~ Mary Timme
We made two trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art during this visit to New York. On this day the museum was filled with tourists and natives; some trying to beat the mounting heat and others wanting to get a day in before the "recommended" entrance fees were raised on August 1st. We had underestimated the size and depth of art here and simply wanted more time to wander about in the maze that is the Met. Nyssa wrote down artist names as she explored. This wing is the American artists groupings of paintings and sculpture. I could always tell when the pen and paper were coming out; she didn't just pause to look but took several minutes to take the whole painting in, the colors, the textures; her gaze took on an almost dreamlike quality. This was one of those moments of private contemplation. I fixed on the little cherub-like sculpture in the foreground. It reminded me of one of Verrocchio's bronze statues in Florence and exuded the playful nature of a small child; carefree, romping in a land of imagination and make believe. It reminded me of Nyssa as a young child. Two children, different ages; both lost in their own worlds of wonder.

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