Tuesday, August 08, 2006

On A Clear (Well, Partly Cloudy) Day.....

New York (Click pictures for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"New York City sits bold and beautiful, brash and bounteous, a Big Apple, representing the best the country and people have to offer. Never has there been a city like it, nor will there be again... It's a city of achievers, often beset by adversity, but never bested by circumstances." ~ John Clementis
Yesterday we sadly said good-bye to New York City. Alec and I had the same thoughts on Sunday afternoon; he, on his way back from Germany, wished they could stay another week; and I, sitting in their apartment in Brooklyn, wished we could stay another week in New York, to ride the subways, explore DUMBO, visit the Green-Wood cemetery and Governor's Island and boat around the harbor, and... So many images for posts and so many stories of our travels are yet to be written, but so much was left undone.

As we winged our way back to Virginia with great memories and the promise to return again, maybe when the spring flowers are in bloom in the garden; I felt very grateful to Diane and Alec for entrusting their home and precious kitties to us and to my brother for thinking of it and for gifting us with the two great shows.

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