Thursday, August 03, 2006

Miss Clover : "Feline Fotographer"

Miss Clover: Budding photographer.
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"A cat must either have beauty and breeding, or it must have a profession." ~ Margaret Benson
Miss Clover: "Look at what I found! Mom left her handy digital picture machine all fixed up on the three-leggy thing! It's all shiny and has that dangling cord thingy on it. Hmmm. She is always pointing it at us and then that little red light goes blinky-blinky-blinky and the little bell sound goes off and she looks so pleased with herself. Wonder if I could do this? If that elephant can paint pictures and sell them for a kazillion dollars and that monkey too, why couldn't I take pictures and sell them to the magazines? Now, try to remember what she does. Oh! Right. First thing is to check what I want to take a picture of and make sure the three-leggy thing is straight and the camera pointed at it. Oh, yes, and check that there is light. Hey! This is the sunroom, there is always light; well at least until dark!"

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Miss Clover: "OK, if I move this stick thing it will get the picture machine in the right angle. Of course the best angle is looking down...tee-hee-hee...looking down ones nose at that slobbering dog creature that is. He is just so... so....what is the word I'm looking for...... perky! Yes, perky!!! So unbecoming, undignified. But he is the only subject out here right now. OK, Max.... smile and say "biscuit". That's right!" (ding-a-ling, snap) "Yes, the ding-a-ling thing is so appropriate for the Max. Got it!"

Miss Clover: "Oh, I am so good... I am so good... Now. Let's try one of these artsy tartsy shots mom is always coming up with. She always gets down on the floor and looks up at her subject. Hmm. I don't do floors unless there is a sunbeam involved or a box or a plush sheepskin throw. So, I think I'll just do it from here. I can look up at the ceiling and get that purple hanging thingy that makes tinkling noise when the wind blows through. It is sooooooooooo annoying when one is trying to take a nap. I'll just zoom in on it and zap it with the red blinky light and .....snap! Gotcha!!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA!

Miss Clover: (singing) "Oh, I am so good at this... I am so good.... I'll make a fortune and buy all the stinky goodness Iams Chicken & Salmon I want and I won't share with those other cats because they are not as gooooooooooooooooood as I am!!!!"

"Whew! That was exhausting! The singing and dancing and taking pictures and trying to get that hairy dog thing to sit still for a portrait really tires me out. I'm not as young as I used to be, but if anyone spills that one I will take your arm off. I think I'll just snuggle up here with MY picture machine and take a little catnap."

SRP: "I seem to have forgotten where I left the camera. Has anyone seen it? By the way, has anyone seen Clover?"

Miss Clover: "Uh-oh! What was that? Mom is looking for the picture machine and the three leggy thing. What am I going to do? Maybe I can figure out a place to hide it or maybe I could just lay on it and she won't see it or......

SRP: "So there it is and here you are too Clover. What have you been doing? I'll take the camera now; got to get a picture of those mourning doves out there in the bush. Come on, let me have the camera. Everyone knows that cats can't take pictures. So, let go now. Clover! I said let go!"

Miss Clover: "Hissssss! No! Mine!"

SRP: "You can hiss and spit all you want. This is MY camera. CATS DON'T TAKE PICTURES! Besides, if you don't give it back whose going to open that stinky goodness for you every night, hmm?

Miss Clover: "OK, you win, here." (sigh) "There goes fame, fortune and all that free cat food."

SRP: "Hey! What is this purple blob smear in this picture and this brown furry blur in this one? I don't remember taking these! Oh, well. Miss Clover will be visiting Friday's Ark this week as well as the Carnival of the Cats. The host this Sunday will be TBIFOC. See you there.

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