Saturday, February 25, 2006

Colonial Style

The Wren Building, College of William & Mary. (Click picture for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"True ornament is not a matter of prettifying externals. It is organic with the structure it adorns, whether a person, a building, or a park." ~ Frank Lloyd Wright (American Architect, 1867-1959)
The Wren Building is part of the original college founded in 1693. Over the years there has been fire and destruction but it has been restored to as close to the original as can be done. This structure is full of tradition including the welcoming of the freshman class as it marches through the arches to be greeted by the upperclassmen and faculty each fall. It also sends the graduating seniors out to the world through its doors at commencement. Old Campus and New Campus blend together and the history here is palpable with paintings, plaques, original writings of founding fathers and Colonial Williamsburg just a stones throw away. The school has thrived for over 300 years. It is a wonderful place to learn and grow.

On a personal note. Nyssa applied for a position of "RA" (Resident Assistant) for next school year and she got it. The Dillard Complex of two dorms where she currently lives is technically "off campus" and is scheduled to be closed after this year. She will be in the brand new dorm complex being built on campus, I believe the name is Jamestown. A brand new room, doesn't have to deal with the room lottery, a single (this is her fourth year with a roommate counting the last two years of high school) and she gets her room paid for. This last item is a joy to the mother's heart as it helps to the tune of $5,550 for the year. So, Nyssa. You go girl!!!

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