Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Curves of Life

Toy town in Toy Land. Yankee Candle Company. Williamsburg, VA.
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"On the road to life there are many paths... some twist, some turn, some dip, some curve. As long as you keep your focus, your destination is obtainable." ~ Brenda Good
A children's play town, the roads curve under overpasses and a clover leaf merges onto an expressway. Even the buildings are curved. I never had a whole town set up like this, but I remember a garage. You could roll a little car into a berth and turn a crank handle to lift it to the roof. There just a little push would send it rolling down the spiraling ramp, back to the bottom. It was so much fun to "valet park" the little cars and watch them roll down the ramp.

Sometimes life reminds me of that garage; the cycle lifting our spirits to the roof to watch them spiral down again to the bottom. However, on a more positive note, it also reminds me of times when stress and anxiety built higher and higher reaching the breaking point. At that moment someone stepped in; a friend, a relative or even a stranger with a kind word, and the fear fades, spiraling down, leaving behind only peace.

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