Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Max: Still Waiting

Max with his favorite toy and his blue boo-boo bandage. Posted by Picasa
"Dogs have given up many of their natural ways to cross the boundary between our species and join our families; for this, each dog deserves lifelong care and protection." ~ Michael J. Rosen (US author)
Two weeks post excisional biopsies of three of the multiple skin lesions and we still haven't received the final report. This is frustrating. I could have already had this figured out at my lab. They are malignant tumors in the skin, but the specific cell type will decide if there is any reason to even try chemotherapy and what might work. Of course, except for his stitches and his blue boo-boo bandage you would never know he was sick. One of his lesions is now the size of a quarter and is raised and red and he tends to lick it. The Benedryl helps quite a bit as does pampering. He was spoiled. Now he is rotten. Max seems to feel safe in his big transport carrier with the plush pads, his favorite toys and his kitty friends for company at night. He eats well, chases his ball, chews his rawhide bone and rolls his treat ball around the yard to get all the little minty biscuits out. He has my mom totally wrapped around his tail, and Nyssa and myself as well. Stitches come out tomorrow and I'll let them take his bandage off at the same time. His paws are completely off limits, always have been and he'll need to be muzzled anyway for the stitches. These are the times I wish I could "talk to the animals", to tell Max that we only want to help him feel good and he could tell me when it hurts and what happened to him in the past that was so horrible. The extra attention and basically getting his own way all the time is agreeing with him. Will update as things evolve.

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