Thursday, January 04, 2007

36 Floors and Counting

New construction in Virginia Beach.
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"Cities need old buildings so badly it is probably impossible for vigorous streets and districts to grow without them.... for really new ideas of any kind—no matter how ultimately profitable or otherwise successful some of them might prove to be—there is no leeway for such chancy trial, error and experimentation in the high-overhead economy of new construction. Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings. New ideas must use old buildings." ~ Jane Jacobs (b. 1916), U.S. urban analyst.
This now appears to be the tallest building in Virginia Beach, thirty-six floors and still under construction. When finished, I believe it will be a high-rise luxury condominium community, surrounded by all the amenities a large city has to offer. Restaurants abound in this area including an Irish pub, Cheesecake Factory, a steak house too expensive for all but the very wealthy, Italian, Smokey Bones, and just down the road.... IHOP, for those so inclined. As for shopping, this should revitalize the mall across the street and give Barnes and Noble continued success; a menswear shop and smaller women's boutiques blend in with the eateries. And just next door, the new music hall and fine arts building is also under construction as is a Westin hotel. Imagine that! Step out your door, walk a few steps and enjoy dinner, then take in the symphony or a Broadway musical. Looks like these condos will have something for everyone within a four block radius.

By the way, this new construction was brought to you by my new Canon Digital Rebel xti, a gift from my "baby" brother. Now, if I could just get a picture from the top of this building! Now, that would be something!

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