Friday, January 26, 2007

Every Cloud Has One.....

Heart of silver....
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"When two hearts gaze under the same silver moon and wish on the same brilliant star the angels are always listening." ~ Flavia
Silver is Nyssa's favored metal for jewelry; it's cool and light and young. This silver filigree heart was perfect out of the box, but it shows evidence of wear with small touches of tarnish; hard to remove and difficult to shine. Isn't life like that sometimes? Tarnished and not easy to restore. the light of the silvery moon.

Then love reveals the silver lining of that dark cloud hanging over us; and again the moon shines through.

The theme for Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt this week is "silver". You can go here to "Grab the Scavenger Hunt code" and here to join the blogroll. This really cute new logo is available there as well. The link to other participants is in my blogroll on the sidebar. (end of post)

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