Friday, January 12, 2007

Peaceful Waters

....along the James River. (Click picture for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"Let me do nothing when I have nothing to do, become untroubled in this depth of peace like the evening at the seashore when the water is silent." ~ R. Tagore
Peaceful waters of the river flow slowly to the sea. An early morning fog has almost lifted, the wind is still and only the slight rustling of leaves and an occasional tonal honking of the migrating Canadian geese can be heard. I sit near the shoreline and see shimmering water almost white from the emerging sun's rays. This old wooden dock sits fifty feet or so from the sandy river bank; no longer attached or accessible from the land, it has decayed. It's rotten planks have fallen one by one into the waters and bits of cloth still cling to what remains, perhaps torn fragments of a sail. The stillness of the day and the water obscures those subtle points of contact between wood and water; only small ripples in the reflection and surface shadows give hints. It is a mesmerizing moment as I sit lost in wonder and transported to another more peaceful place and time. And I find myself not wanting this feeling to end.

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