Sunday, January 07, 2007

Stopping A Moment...... twilight on the beach. (Rebel)
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"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away."
~ Eudora Welty
It has been a warm winter to date, but as the sun sets in the evening and dusk is in full swing, the air chills; at the beach the wind gently blows off the ocean with a bit more bite. On Wednesday, the sun set at 5PM and moonrise began around 5:05PM; a full moon with clear skies, no clouds, no rain and no fog. The beach is sparsely populated in winter and although the Christmas light display had yet to be removed, they were dark and only a scattered handful of people and the ever present seagulls were in attendance. Nyssa and I set up our beach towels and tripods near the oceans edge and composed a few shots of the curious gulls and the sunset; all the time soaking in the sound of the waves as they rolled ashore.

I snapped this shot and then wondered; where are these two going and what are they talking about? Life? Books? Kids? Work? Parents? Or have they been running on the hard beach sand or down the boardwalk and are now just enjoying the sunset and cool wind as they stroll back to their cars. Perhaps all of the above; perhaps none. Only one thing is certain. At this moment in the deep red twilight, I took a snapshot and for just an instant, time froze.

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