Thursday, January 18, 2007

Color For A Gray Day

A little color for a gray day. Posted by Picasa
"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts."
~ Marcus Aurelius Antonius
It is a cold, dreary, damp, drizzly day here. Everything is gray. The skeleton branches of the trees blend in with the misty sky; the rain, just enough to make things slippery.

Max had an early morning trip for his chemo pill and as usual, he managed to develop his chronically gunky eye AND one ear with excessive wax and obvious ear infection. So he is due for his sedative and a sleepy day in the sunroom while I work on him some more.

To top it off, when I signed into Hello to post a picture, I met with this sign....BloggerBot is dead. Yes, they've been telling me it was going away soon, and even said it would be gone by the end of 2006; but when New Year's Day came and went, I thought.... hmmm, perhaps they are pulling my leg. Then this morning, it is kaput. No longer may I change the picture border color with just a button; not even with the HTML code. The invitation to switch to the "NEW" Blogger has appeared and like the ostrich, I am hiding my head in the sand with trembling knees, hearing that Borg phrase from Star Trek ringing in my ears.... "Resistance is futile!"

So I think we need a little color around here to disperse the grays and what is more colorful that butterflies and lilacs; a touch of spring in winter's midst.

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