Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Turbo Tummy And The Techno Cat

Miss Chloe and Nyssa (human) (Click pictures for larger view) (Rebel)
"Always the cat remains a little beyond the limits we try to set for him in our blind folly." ~ Andre Norton
Miss Chloe only bares her tummy while resting in a sunbeam on a warm spring day; usually her favorite position is the tight curl. But she is so gentle and peaceable that Nyssa can hold her on her back until they both drift off to sleep. Before she returned to college, Nyssa grabbed this one last minute with our cross-eyed lady.

Meantime, Miss Clover has found the warmest spot in the house; the bed between two laptop computers. Heat from each has been captured in the bedspread and there is just enough space for one cat to sleep between them. She sees no reason why that sleeping cat should not be herself.

Flash! Clover: "Oh! No! Didn't we go through this last week with the box? Why must she always be flashing or clicking that black box thing? The light hurts my eyes. How can I get my beauty rest? If I can move my head just a little more, maybe she will go away and leave me alone. A little more... yes, just a bit more! Ah!!! This is more like it!"

Miss Clover: Hiding Posted by Picasa

Clover has successfully avoided the camera, kept her warm spot and probably sent a few clandestine e-mails when we weren't looking. Now she can sleep to her heart's content.

Miss Chloe and her human Nyssa will show off over at Tummy Tuesday, hosted by catstuff. She and Miss Clover, her sister will also see what the kitties are up to at Cats on Tuesday, hosted by gattina. (end of post)

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