Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Color Purple

Purple orchids. Brooklyn Botanical Garden. August 2006.
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"I have no rhyme for purple. None.
But each purple flower in the forest is a poem."
~ Jane Yolen
I have a friend in Mississippi who loves, and I mean loves the color purple. Her house has rustic wood siding and a deep purple door and lush purple throws on her sofa. At Christmas her tree is adorned with purple ribbons of all shades and patterns, purple and silver ornaments and a deep purple velvet tree skirt. Miss D also loves teddy bears, dressed in purple of course and as her hair is a glorious though premature silvery white; purple is one of her best colors. She is smart, has her PhD and is a wonderful, warm counselor who also loves to scuba dive with her husband and visit lighthouses all over the country; I have no doubt she has found one somewhere with at least a "touch" of purple in its paint job. As far as gifts go, she is always happy with something, anything "purple". Yes, these orchids would do quite nicely.

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