Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Day In The Life Of A "Starter Person"

Nyssa looking like the cat who ate the canary! (Rebel)
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"Some people, like flowers, give pleasure, just by being." ~ Unknown
I am sitting at the computer and I hear a strange sound, almost like a cat scratching on a cloth somewhere far away. I jump up and run from room to room trying to find the culprit before something (such as the toilet paper) turns into a shredded mess and .... nothing! Later, it happens again and then again. Finally, the house phone rings; on the other end of the line is an irritated voice "Mother! Don't you ever answer your phone?!" So that's what that buzzing sound was! I forgot the phone was set on "meeting"!

And so goes the conversation; she loves her classes, she changed the lab from evening to afternoon, she has her bulletin boards done, her new residents are great, she passed out the cookies we made and everyone loves them, her car wouldn't start and she had to get a jump (What?!) , she has a paper due, the starter is dead on her car (How?!) and they can't repair it until tomorrow (Wait!), she has another call on the other line, and oh, yes.... the starter costs $430 dollars (Ouch! Hold on!) and could I please put some funds in her account. (Sigh!)

So yesterday I found myself sitting by the drive through window at the bank, several hundred dollars poorer. Max, on the other hand, in spite of just having his blood drawn was deliriously happy...Why? The bank teller gave him two dog biscuits. It doesn't take much to make his day.

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