Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lifetime of Love

A lifetime of love. Macro shot of porcelain figurine.
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"On the days that are summer sweet and full of a thousand dreams, I will love you.
On the days when thunder and rain come dashing against our hopes, I will love you.
On the days when we share a quiet world of contentment, I will love you.
On all the days, through all the seasons of our lives,
I will give you my heart . . .
I will give you my love."
~ Unknown
The faces are those of children, yet the gray is seen in their hair. Dressed in the wedding finery from times past, they share a kiss. Their love of a lifetime; still young in their hearts, still young in their minds.

This was a small 50th anniversary figurine used in my parent's 50th celebration.
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