Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tummy Tuck

Mr. Rhett snuggles with his sister Miss Scarlett.
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"Fast asleep? IT is no matter.
Enjoy the honey-heavy dew of slumber.
Thou hast no figures nor no fantasies
Which busy care draws in the brains of men;
Therefore thou sleep'st so sound."
~ William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar
Mr. Rhett takes a nap with his sister Miss Scarlett; his head tucked in next to her tummy, their front paws intertwined. She allows this, though at times with a look of consternation. I can just see her little white tummy patch. Ah, sweet sleep; would that we could so easily forget our cares and troubles.

Submission for Tummy Tuesday at catstuff.
The cats are resting and getting ready to board Friday's Ark and will visit the Carnival of the Cats, hosted this week by Pet's Garden Blog.
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