Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Mom: A Birthday Today!!!

Baby Lorane. 1928. (Click any picture to see larger view) Posted by Picasa
"No painter's brush, nor poet's pen
In justice to her fame
Has ever reached half high enough
To write a mother's name."
~ Unknown
On September 14th, 1928 in Roanoke, Virginia, a baby girl was born to Zula and Grady Brown. She would be an only child. They named her Annie Lorane.

As she grew, Lorane began to take piano lessons and showed a great talent for the instrument. She practiced and perfected her talent and still today is an accomplished pianist and accompanist.

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Lorane was a teenager during World War II; living through sugar, coffee, and most important for her, the rationing of nylons. Here she is at sixteen. After graduation from high school she worked for a year and then headed to Wilmore, Kentucky and Asbury College. There she met Loren William Gould.

Lorane was dating a friend of Loren's. Dad told this guy that if he ever broke up with Mom, he would be right there to ask her out. Obviously, the breakup occurred and Loren and Lorane began their college romance. Dad graduated in 1950 but started seminary at Asbury the next year. Mom graduated in 1951 and one week later on June 2nd, 1951, they married. This year marked their 55th wedding anniversary.

Their family grew. First a daughter in 1953. (That would be me on the top) And then a son in 1962. (below) Her daughter became a doctor. Her son became an opera singer. Much later a precious granddaughter graced the scene. (Nyssa, bottom picture,above)

Through the years she has taught countless first graders how to read and enjoy learning. She loved to teach and although she has been retired for fourteen years now, each fall that yearning for books and tablets, bulletin boards and reading circles comes back as strong as ever.

These days she struggles with diabetes and arthritis as well as other ailments as well as a daughter who won't let her eat that chocolate cake she craves. But as you can see, she keeps her sense of humor. Mom wears a wig and has; well ever since I can remember. Now she wears one peppered with gray and silver; however the wig company had a small brain cramp and sent a dark, dark brown one. It still looks better on her than it did on me.

Mom enjoys reading cookbooks and cooking, although at times when she and my dad are in the kitchen with Mom telling him what to do and Dad trying unsuccessfully to do it.... let's just say I try to go to my room and stay out of the way. She makes cookies by the hundreds for Nyssa, fries chicken for Nyssa, and makes homemade bread for Nyssa. But she has quit buttering the bread and hand feeding it to her one bite at a time.

Of course Nyssa loves her grandma more than words can express. Her husband of 55 years adores her. Her son dotes on her and keeps her in stitches laughing. And I love her so much, I'll do anything to keep her with us for as long as possible, even if means saying "no" to bread and potatoes and sweets. We are her family. We need her.

So, today she is 78 years young. Yes, I told the number; you figured it out anyway. Happy Birthday to Grandma, Sweetheart, and Mom.
You're the best!!!
We love you.

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