Thursday, June 02, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging: Let's Play Hide & Seek

Hello. Excuse me, but this is my box! I found it myself. It was up here on the table and the lid was almost open. I didn't see anyone putting things in it, no one was looking in it. It just has this bubble wrap and padded paper stuff inside. It's mine! Mine! Mine! All mine! Finders keepers, losers weepers! With everyone else around and the kid home from college, there is just so much a girl can handle. And you broke my name collar, now no one knows I'm Clover and I have to wear this stretchy thing with four, count them, FOUR bells! Just because I lost my old bell and vet tags. It's not my fault you can't find them! (grr...grumble, grumble) And another thing, I need my own space. Why can't I can hide here and curl up and go to sleep? Maybe no one will bother me. (Sarcastic meow) Right! You wouldn't see them treating those Egyptian god cats this way, always sticking a camera in your face and making them share things with six other cats!

Hey! You're not going to make me get out, are you? Posted by Hello

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