Friday, June 24, 2005

Snow & The Southern Belle

The bright orange ski jacket, Nyssa's favorite, is well worn. "But, you lived in Mississippi. Why would you ever need one that heavy?" She bought it for a trip to New York, north of Syracuse, where it snows every day and snowmobiles are a valid form of travel. And it occasionally gets cold enough for it in Mississippi, even in Virginia. This winter, our first in Virginia, we had several snowfalls with the heaviest being around four inches. In the fifteen years we lived in Mississippi it snowed 4 inches once. That four inches messed people up for days, schools were out for two days, it was a mess.

What does a Southern belle do when it snows? She flops down in it and makes snow angels for one. And she builds a snowman, or at least attempts to. The snowman ended up being about 18 inches tall. Max, our dog, studied it, sniffed it and as he is also from Mississippi, he mistook the snowman for a fire hydrant and tinkled on it. Yes, we had a yellow snowman. Fortunately, it melted in an hour.

Nyssa loves her orange ski jacket. It's bright, it's warm and she can easily be seen in a crowd. I'm sure that with this jacket on it will be easy to find her among the thousands of girls at the beach this summer. I tell her it's better than an orange bikini. Ha! Ha! Right! (much sarcasm)

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