Saturday, June 11, 2005

Max & His Football

Hello again, Max here. As I previously told you, I have my summer "do" now. I was embarrassed for a few days but since it is hot now in Virginia Beach, it is ok. Because I look so handsome and was good at the vet, my mom and the college girl got me a new toy. This is my football.

I love my football. You can see that because it is so dirty. I carry it around in my mouth a lot and will go get it when they throw it but I won't give it back. I am fickle about my toys though. I have only have one favorite toy at the time. So if you throw last month's favorite toy, I will go sniff it but ignore it. This is my current mostest favorite toy.(Mom said that "mostest" is not a real word, but I am a dog so "who cares".)

I sleep with my football by my side, night and day. I always make sure I know where it is.

I can sit on my football and it will squeak but it won't break. I can chew it and make it squeak too. It is a high pitch squeak and really upsets the mean dog next door...but that is another story for another time.

I can do tricks with my football. I think this is the best one. Here I am balancing my football on the top of my nose. (Not really but it sure looks like I am) I can also push it with my nose but it rolls back and then I just grab it in my mouth and squeak it again.

My football is my special friend. I will guard it with my life. I will guard it from the evil dog next door, the possum that sneaks in the yard at night, the cats that look at me out the screen door, the man who mows the lawn, the grandpa who wants to take it.....and I will guard it from YOU!

YES! YOU! I see you looking at me and my football!

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