Friday, June 24, 2005

Max: I Hate Rain!!!!!!

Max and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! Posted by Hello
If I were as rude as the rain
And came when I was uninvited
And stayed too long and ruined a dog's fun
(like going on a long walk with my mom
and eating Milkbone biscuits in the sunshine)
And made other puppies (like me)miserable,
I'd be sent to my doghouse for quiet time,
Until I learned to behave. ~ Author Unknown
I hate rain! I hate to get wet! I don't like baths or swimming pools! When it rains I have to go to my doghouse porch to keep dry. Some dogs like to be in water and don't mind the rain, but not me! Maybe it is because I was out on the streets for so long that my hair was matted in big chunks. And when those chunks got wet it was heavy and it wouldn't get dry and then my skin got infected. I was itchy but I couldn't scratch because my toe nails were too long and grew into my paw pads so it hurt to walk or scratch and hurt really bad when my paws got wet. I had to hide under steps and bushes to try to keep a little dry but then I got dirty and it made my skin worse. I was in bad shape when mom found me and took me home. She could hardly tell which end was which. It made her sad to see me that way. But she changed my life!

I got my mats and hair shaved off and my nails clipped and my paw pads cleaned out. I got a bath and my teeth cleaned and my shots. I had to have heartworm treatment but I did ok. There were big black patches on my skin where my hair fell out but mom gave me lots of good food and vitamins and my hair eventually grew back. She gave me a beautiful dog house that even had an air conditioner and when we moved to Virginia my grandpa built me this special house and I got a big mattress and a hammock to sleep on. I didn't have to sleep on the ground or under a bush.

Now I can stay dry when it rains. I am happy for that. But I guess I will always remember being lost, alone, cold and wet in the rain. I will never like the rain. Now, at least I know the sun will come out again and my mom will never let me be sad. But I will always love sunny days better.

Come see my friends at Carnival of the Dogs, hosted as always by Mickey's Musings.

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